Disney+ will not last

Streaming is king. Anything consumers can do to not have to leave their beds and have a giant selection of movies and TV shows at their fingertips, they will do. That’s why streaming competitors– such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime TV– have become so big. When Disney announced they would be releasing a streaming service exclusive with only Disney content, people were overjoyed, and I was a member of that group. Soon, I realized that it was not as good as the hype.

At first, I was impressed, but what I came to realize is that the show benefits the younger age much more than young adults or adults. There are not many TV shows that have even slightly mature content, and what draws people to streaming so much are the number of shows and the ability to binge-watch shows. Before streaming services were king, there were TV shows that aired once a week. Now, people can sit down and have every episode and season of a TV show right at their fingertips.

Another reason that I would much rather watch something like Netflix is that Netflix produces original content and constantly updates their movies and TV shows. There are constantly new Netflix Originals that are extremely good content. With Disney+, they can only put their own productions on there and have only made one show of original content. With a stagnant number of shows, there will never be any improvement to the content.

In all honestly, Disney+ will probably be a very good way for parents to entertain their toddlers and elementary age children, and at times I will get onto Disney+ and probably enjoy some throwback shows and movies from my youth. But if you are looking for ground breaking new movies and TV shows that you could binge in one day and be captivated by the amazing plot twists, I would not be looking at Disney+.

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