Disney + is influential

Times are changing, and the television industry has to change with them. Cable TV is becoming a dinosaur in this age of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and recently; Disney Plus.

It came first as a shock to many to find that this media giant would be hopping on the recent trend of streaming TV shows, and it understandably met some skepticism. But for so many people, this was the Christmas miracle they never knew they wanted. Disney has been a staple in the media diet of millions of Americans for almost a century now.

The concept itself was questionable. All of the other big streaming services hosted selections of both original and well-known content, so the idea of a Disney-only application was predicted to become dull and the selection would seem very limited. But when the full scale of Disney’s monopoly over the media industry is understood, it explains Disney Plus’s enormous selection of content without relying on other content producers.

No matter income, race or creed, it would seem we all have some kind of fond childhood memories with of one of Disney’s countless number of films, shows and merchandise, but we have grown up. With the old VHS tapes of Disney classics boxed up and tucked away in some corner of the attic and the VHS player sold off in a garage sale years ago, Disney Plus brings those classics back in a much more adult-centered package for all our nostalgic needs.

The formula that has led to Disney’s continuing success is based on adapting to the times yet still keeping a strong connection to the past. Disney Plus is the next evolution of arguably the most influential franchise in American media history. Disney’s adaptation to the 2020s must be encouraged by us if we want the modern conveniences of technology to pair well with the beloved American classics we all know.

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