Connor Meets the Miami Dolphins

They say to never meet your heroes, but in senior Connor Yeager’s case, that rule does not apply.

The Miami Dolphins played the Colts at Lucas Oil on Nov. 10, which opened the doors to a unique opportunity for the diehard Miami fan.

“We realized they were going to play in Indy, so it all just kind of came together,” Mr. Derek Fischer, FACS teacher, said. “It just kind of blew up from there; we ended up making a whole week-end event out of it.”

Yeager meeting the Dolphins was not arranged but came as a welcomed surprise. 

“Connor stops by my room about four or five times a day to talk about the Dolphins,” Mr. Fischer said. “I don’t know much about football, so I made a post online on the Dolphins’ forum asking about the team for Connor. I ended up getting a bunch of great replies, and the Dolphins marketing team eventually saw it.”

That Saturday before the game, Yeager and his family were invited to see the team at their hotel, which is where Connor met Davon Godchaux, Dolphins defensive tackle #56. The two hit it off immediately.

“We arrived at the JW Marriott, and all of a sudden, Godchaux comes down with a box and gives it to Connor,” Mrs. Laura Stadtfeld, FACS teacher, said. “He opens it up to find a T-shirt, a jersey, and an autographed football. The next day, they gave me, Fischer, Connor and his dad all sideline passes. We got to be on the field with the players, and it was amazing.”

Mrs. Stadtfeld was touched by the generosity of the Dolphins.

“The entire time, the Dolphins were so kind to us,” she said. “It was an especially sweet moment when after the game, Godchaux had called for Connor to come down and see him and say goodbye. None of this was planned by the way,” she said. “Connor and his dad just breezed past a line of waiting Dolphins fans, and he got to go into the locker room. Godchaux himself wanted to say goodbye to Connor, which really says a lot about him.”

Yeager was star-struck to say the least.

“Godchaux is my favorite player,” Yeager said. “And it was so exciting; I ran into Dan Marino. I shook his hand, and he patted me on the back.”

The Miami victory over the Colts (16-12) was the highlight of his visit with the Dolphins. 

“I was so happy when they won,” Yeager said. “I was waiting for that for a long time.” 

Mr. Fischer was also moved by the relationship between Connor and his beloved team. 

“They really treated him like a big part of the Dolphins family,” Mr. Fischer said. “This has shown that there are a lot of people out there who are willing to do kind things for others, and sometimes you just have to ask.” 

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