Harriet Movie Review

Harriet saves African American people from slavery, as a symbol of freedom and hope.

In this movie full of hatred and abuse towards others, Harriet tries to save escaped slaves from their owners and get them to safety. The movie starts out fast as Harriet is abused by her owner. She dreams of freedom. and her owner promises her it but never gives it to her. She runs away. She vows to return and free her family and friends. 

When she does return to get her family, she becomes known as a slave freer; she became a celebrity leading into what she is known as today.  

This movie is full of heart aching and heartwarming scenes. There is love and compassion shown but also of hatred and pain. I thought this movie was probably a somewhat an accurate depiction of history years ago. It makes me sad to see things like that, but I am glad to see it shown for others to know about. 

People should know what it was like during slave times. The pain that was brought onto people makes me sick, and I am glad that our country is the way it is today. 

Cynthia Erivo was a very good “Harriet Tubman” she made me think it was all such a real experience. She makes the movie good.

The movie itself was not as good as the hype made it out to be. The movie is very slow paced and doesn’t really get to the main point of the movie till the end. Its alot of things just repeated back-to-back like its repetition. 

The actors they picked for there certain roles were amazing picks but the movie just didn’t turn out as great as I expected it to be. 

I know the story of Harriet because of elementary school and events like black history month explain her story and why she freed slaves and saved lives. The movie just really didn’t show me that.

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