Winter Sports Preview

The wrestlers have high hopes from this year, motivated by their success last year.

“I’m excited about all the freshmen. We have this year we might actually get to compete with a full team. Based on how we did last year, I hope we can do better, we have a lot of guys that can go really far,” Sophomore Tyler Maxwell said

The team is excited to jump into this season and they have big goals but are ready to train hard achieve them.

“I hope that we can have three Regional qualifiers. It’s going to be hard to fill the shoes that Nick had, but a lot of our guys are willing to step up this year and do pretty good. I think that we’ll have a pretty good season,” Tyler Maxwell said

Coach Ray Onisko has set his goals high for his team.

“The expectation is for everyone to swim well, have fun and go ahead and score well at Sectionals and hopefully make it to the State meet,” Coach Onisko said “We just have to make sure that we are dedicated in what we do, have good attendance,  and are working hard in and out of the water.” Onisko said

The girls basketball team started their season on November fifth.

“This year in practice we are focusing more on the little things and discipline. We want to be as disciplined as possible, and we want to do all the little parts of the game perfectly,” sophomore Quinn Kelly said.

They have some exciting newcomers going into this year.

“I think that all of the freshmen this year add tremendously to the team. They are all hard workers and they are all very determined. In particular though, Emily Metzger and Kira Faulkner are great leaders and they are both very hard workers. They add to the strength of all the freshmen,” Quinn Kelly said

The diving team is starting off their season with a new coach.

“It’s my hope to help the team grow in their ability by teaching them proper techniques and giving them a fuller understanding of how and why they do the things they do,” coach Erik Martin said.

He wants his team to win, but more than anything he wants a team that creates an encouraging and positive environment.

“I want all of my divers confident in their dives while learning new skills. I really want to help them be a team that encourages not only each other but also the people their competing against,” Martin said

The boys basketball team is expecting to have a great season.

“I think this team has a lot of potential to really be something special. We’re definitely a senior heavy team, and I really think that this team can win County and Sectionals. We have a lot of size and experience coming into this year. We’re all really excited for this year,” sophomore Brock Kincaid said

They have big goals this season.

“I want this team to be a higher ranked team and win more games than last season. To accomplish our goal, we are working on becoming a better defensive team and having a more confident offense.” Junior Rasheed Elemikan said

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