Winter percussion start up

As marching band season closes to an end, the winter percussion squad is starting to begin its season.

“Last season’s performance was pretty good. We were pretty confident and put on a pretty good show,” junior Chase Neuman said.

Winter percussion is a whole different atmosphere than the regular marching band.

“Winter percussion is a lot more of a chill environment than marching band. Its only percussion and cymbals so the complete sound is so much different than marching band. It’s a lot more fun I would have to say,” sophomore Jenna Vandergriff said.

The amount of hours that go into winter percussion are just as grueling as the marching band season.

“The amount of hours we practice is pretty high, there is no exact amount of hours we put into the season.  We do have quite a few days on Saturdays when we can easily have a five to six hour practice. It’s honestly pretty grueling,” Neumann said.

A huge part of marching band to winter percussion is the size that the band competes on. The marching band gets to use a whole football field while the winter percussion players are confined to a single basketball court.

Winter percussion also has a lot a fun.

“One of my favorite memories is one day we saw a rat in the hall, and everyone jumped around and it got out of control. Just looking back on it makes me laugh,” sophomore Andrew Jones said.

“The setting is so different from marching band. It’s just so different from going to a huge football field to then go to a tiny basketball court,” Neumann said.

As a new season is just around the corner, so is a new performance and a whole new set to work with.

“We really have to focus and really get to know the music. I think this year will go well if we just get to know the music and practice that throughout,” Vandergriff said.

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