Unique Thanksgiving Traditions

Travelling across states can be a big part of Thanksgiving traditions.

“For my Thanksgiving, I go to Iowa with my family because my dad’s family lives there and they throw a gigantic party. We usually have a lot of our cousins, aunts and uncles. Our grandparents come and we have blast. It is a good time to spend with my family, and I love seeing everyone there that I haven’t seen in a long time,” sophomore Jenna Armstrong said.

Sometimes, the best Thanksgiving is in the same state, though.

“Every year for Thanksgiving I go to Seymour, Indiana because my great Aunt Patty throws a massive party for our family. We always play corn hole and kickball. My brother Colin and I always beat our family members because we are the natural athletes and some of the oldest ones. Like always, we take too many photos for our families to post about on Facebook,” sophomore Luciano Robbins said.

A classic Thanksgiving can be an amazing time.

“For Thanksgiving, we always eat a turkey with stuffing. Always mashed potatoes, but I give them to the dog. His name is sparky. We also always play poker, or I watch my family members play when I don’t want to play. My grandma always quits though because she gets bored or she’s losing really badly, “Robbins said.

Sometimes Asian cuisine is the best way to spend Thanksgiving.

“Like all Americans, we celebrate Thanksgiving like the rest of them. We do almost the same exact thing; we just eat a little bit different food. My mom sometimes throws in Asian dishes because you know that we are Asian. We stay close to American cultures other than we have egg rolls at our Thanksgiving opposed to what the normal American has,” Sophomore Marissa Addison said.

Spending Thanksgiving with friends can be fun, too.

“Every year my family celebrates Thanksgiving at my house, and we eat usually by ourselves. This year, however, we are probably going to my friend’s house, Abby Stuber, to celebrate Thanksgiving along with some of our other friends. It won’t be that much different because like I said before we celebrate Thanksgiving like normal just different dishes,” Addison said.


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