Thanksgiving = Food Coma

With every year passing more and more memories are made during the holidays. Thanksgiving is no exception as families come together to show thanks for each other and spend time together. Food is shared and bonds are created.

Students share their favorite Thanksgiving recipe.

“Probably pumpkin pie because we make everything from scratch. It’s usually something we all do together while laughing and having fun in the kitchen. We usually go over to my grandparents in Ohio, and my whole mom’s side of the family, including cousins and siblings all usually make everything together,” said junior Katie Henderson.

Robbins shared his family’s favorite recipe.

“My grandparents make the best ham I’ve ever had. I don’t know if it’s everybody’s favorite, but for me it is. They make it so well, and we’ve had it every year since I remember. I’ll have like four slices every time. My grandparents try to make everything for us but my family always helps out with the desserts and stuff like that,” said freshman Colin Robbins.

Gardner shared his family’s favorite recipe.

“I don’t personally like them but my family loves deviled eggs. They’ve been served at every Thanksgiving, and every other holiday, as long as I can remember,” said sophomore Brayden Gardner.

Henderson explained who started the recipe.

“My grandma started it. It is her own recipe,” said Henderson.

Robbins explained who started the recipe.

“It’s always been my grandparents from what I remember. No one else can make it, especially that good. I look forward to it every year,” said Robbins.

Gardner explained who started the recipe.

“The recipe was started years ago by my aunt, and carried on for the past few years after she passed. Thanksgiving hasn’t been the same since she passed. She had that recipe perfected, and no one else can make it like she could,” said Gardner.

Henderson shared her unusual Thanksgiving food.

“We make au gratin potatoes, which is just thinly sliced potatoes in a cheese sauce. Our grandpa used to always make them, but we rarely make them because he passed away a couple years ago,” said Henderson.

Gardner shared his unusual Thanksgiving food.

“I don’t think we have any unusual, but for our turkey, we used to have this sweet and sour sauce that was really good. It helped give more flavor to the turkey and it was really good. We haven’t had it in a few years though,” said Gardner.

Robbins shared his favorite recipe.

“We don’t really have anything unusual, but we make green beans with bacon and bacon grease, and that’s pretty good. Everyone likes that,” said Robbins.

Henderson shared her favorite Thanksgiving memory.

“Probably just seeing family after a while since they all live about six hours away. I rarely get to see them, and it’s really a fun time to see them and maybe play some games or just talk and laugh,” said Henderson.

Robbins shared his favorite Thanksgiving memory.

“I don’t think I have a favorite because it gets better each year. I just love seeing and hanging out with my family,” said Robbins.

Gardner shared his favorite Thanksgiving memory.

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory is playing games and spending time with family members that I can’t anymore. Just a few years ago we had people at holiday gatherings that have passed away and are remembered each holiday,” said Gardner.


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