Sophomore starters for the Lady Woodmen

The Lady Woodmen basketball team is expecting a bright season.  Sophomores Quinn Kelly and Anna Pritchett have not just stepped onto this varsity team, they have worked hard all off season. These sophomores have stepped up to this role because of their skill, mental toughness, and their support of everyone.

“For the team, I always try to be a team player and I always try to support the girls no matter what.  In practice we try to get on each other as much as we can to help us better everyone,” Pritchett said.

Not only do the girls know and see what they bring to the team, but their other fellow teammates see it as well.

“Anna and Quinn both contribute to the team as really positive athletes and teammates. They always pick everyone up when they are down. Quinn goes hard in the paint as a post and Anna is always driving the ball to the basket” Junior Kiley Hankenhoff said.

It is important for teammates to see what each player contributes, but it’s also beneficial for the players to recognize what they are contributing.

“Skill wise I think I add a solid defense, hustle, and a decent mid-range game. Mentally, I add a positive, uplifting attitude during the game, but I am also very competitive so I am going to fight as hard as I can to win “Kelly said.

As young varsity players, they must have someone they look up to or strive to be like. This year and last year seniors were great leaders.

“I’ve always watched LeBron James and heard stories of Michael Jordan growing up, and I thought they were the best players ever, but I always wanted to be just like my dad. My dad always coached my brothers and I to be the best players that we could be while being the best people that we could be. He played almost every sport as a kid, so I always want to be better than he was when he was young. He shaped me to be the player I am today, and I know almost everything about basketball from him, “Kelly said.

AAU basketball is a separate league from school ball for players to get exposure in the offseason. It is competitive, but players often benefit from it. Coach Justin Bennett had been hosting open gyms weekly to help his players improve.

“I have prepared by joining AAU basketball which is a spring and summer travel league. I also came to every open gym and practice that I could, and I gave it my all at the practices,” Kelly said.

The next game for the Lady Woodmen takes place Wednesday November 13th against New Palestine at home.

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