Is the Black Friday hassle worth it?

A midnight fashion mall run, full day of Christmas cheer and shopping, and spending time with my family and friends: all ways to describe Black Friday.  But is it actually worth all the effort and getting no sleep?

To me, Black Friday is a touchy topic.  It is a great way to get all of my stressful Christmas shopping complete, but it can also break the bank because splurging and spending that much money all at once can be very cost effective.  Although most companies have amazing sales, there are also a bunch of brands who have very small discounts that make us customers believe we are saving money, but in reality, we are not.  I enjoy the fun of spending and shopping but likely regret it later.

My favorite part about Black Friday shopping is actually the fact that I get to spend more time with family.  I usually go shopping on Thanksgiving after dinner because stores start their sales at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.  My family and I bundle up in warm clothes and hunt for the best deals and sales at the mall, and then we go and get our Christmas tree on sale the next day.  The prices decrease on so many items, so we usually buy quite a lot we need for the Christmas season and for Christmas presents.  After we buy those, we sometimes splurge a little bit, but because of some brands not having good sales, we do not buy too many selfish items total.

The only reason I do not like Black Friday shopping is because it takes away the real idea of the tradition of Thanksgiving and the season of Christmas.  It makes Christmas more about the gifts and not about the true reason: celebrating family, religion, and gratefulness for loved ones.

As a child, my favorite holiday was Thanksgiving.  As surprising as that is, it was because I loved waking up super early in the morning and going to a church soup kitchen to help pass out meals and dessert for free.  Even though I was probably the youngest person there, they always put me in charge of the desserts, and it gave me a real love for the holiday.  After doing this with my family for about 10 years, the church closed, and we had to stop with the soup kitchen.  My favorite part about the whole day was serving my community, and when that was taken away, I began to dread the holiday.

My love for Thanksgiving returned when my family started going Black Friday shopping because it is always so fun and it gives me something to think about other than missing the soup kitchen.  I am an extreme shopper, meaning I love to shop and spend money on things such as clothing, candles and scents, and decoration.  Black Friday shopping and Cyber Monday online-shopping have benefited me and my family’s bank account beyond belief.

I can positively say I am thankful for Black Friday because it gave me my love for Thanksgiving and the whole season from Halloween until Christmas time.

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