Greenwood’s Seussical Jr. in the making

Bright lights, props, dancing and singing; middle school students are hard at work to make the up and coming musical, Seussical perfect.

Junior Parker Irwin is the director of the play. He and his team of students are working very hard to make sure everything is going to plan and up to standards.

“My vision for the show is very bright and colorful. A large show but on a small scale. ‘A person’s a person no matter how small.’ I will be directing Seussical alongside my two wonderful assistant directors: Christian Jones, Kimberly Cope, and production assistant Mystique Colon,” he said.

Irwin goes indebth about the auditions and what they expect. Many middle schoolers auditioned, and all are talented with a lot of potential.

“We have a wonderful cast of kids. They all went through an audition process similar to an Off-Broadway open casting call. It consisted of a vocal and movement audition followed up with a cold read.  Everyone did so well and we are excited to see not only where they go with what we give them but also what they do to shape the show in their own way. It should be a blast for everyone,” he said.

Sophomore Angela Stigall is a dancer in the play. She gives her input on how she thinks the play will go.

“I think the musical will be really great. We have a lot of talent among the kids. I think they all have bright futures and will do excellent in the play. The play is kind of like a Dr. Seuss type play hence the name Seussical. All of the students that auditioned were really good and I think will be even better in the future. Everyone is so talented and is going to make the play great and enjoyable. I encourage everyone to come and watch the show,” she said.

Seussical Jr. will be performed on January that 7:00 PM and the 11th at 2:00 PM in the Greenwood High School auditorium

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