Fortnite Chapter 2 from the Perspective of an Epic Gamer

Since I started playing mid-season 4, Fortnite has been by far my biggest guilty pleasure. I enjoy the consistently changing map, unique and enjoyable game modes, and wide range of weapons.

Abruptly in Chapter 1, there was a black hole that consumed everything in the game, and didn’t even let players log into their accounts. Everything went dark, Epic Games went silent for a few days and suddenly they released a whole new trailer. Within the trailer was everything we needed to know: Fortnite is back, and it’s completely different.

Since the game has been updated to Chapter 2, everything has been wholly and totally revamped from the previous seasons. The entire island has been changed with all new locations, old weapons have been given brand new models, a few new weapons have been added, as well as all new features such as picking up people in critical health, a brand new weapon rarity-upgrader, and a completely redesigned lobby.

Fortnite Chapter 2 takes the game we know and completely redefines what we have accepted as the norm. For example the all new water mechanics. Water is now an interactable piece of landscaping. You can swim, fish for health-ups, or take a trip in a boat with some friends. With water being introduces, the very essence of the game has been changed with new forms of transportation.

Since the update, my interest in Fortnite has greatly increased. It’s like playing the game for the first time again, with plenty of new land to explore and a variety of fun new mechanics. Quite frankly I think everyone should try Chapter 2 because it is simply not what it used to be.

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