Football team fights on despite injuries

Football is known as a physical and aggressive sport, and injuries can take their toll on any team

“Against Whiteland, it was a super physical game, and I was taking hits all game,” junior Landon Wood, defensive lineman, said. “I took one big one and my head was just pounding, I was so confused and I couldn’t even look at the light.”

What at first seemed to be a simple concussion ended up being much scarier for Wood.

“After getting a scan at the hospital, the doctors said my brain was swollen, and it could be serious, so it ended up being a season ending injury,” Wood said.

Sport as physical as football can lead to head injuries, as Wood is not the only player who has dealt with one.

“At the end of the Decatur game, I was in at quarterback and took a huge hit on a drop back. After it, I could just tell that things were not right. I was having a bad headache, so I went to the trainer and ended up missing two games,” junior Luke Hommell said.

For players who are seniors, it can be heartbreaking to deal with an injury.

“I dislocated my shoulder during a play against Franklin,” senior Luke Raker, receiver, said. “At first, I was devastated because I thought my senior season may have been over. After a few visits to the doctor I was luckily, cleared before the East Central game.”

The injuries have hurt the team, but the saying “next man up” has kept the team going.

“It has taken a toll on our team, but I am proud of how players have stepped up and it’s good to see younger guys get a chance and play well,” Wood said.

The seniors just hope to keep the season going.

“With the injuries, people may lose belief in us but we plan to keep going, step up with injuries, and keep winning games,” Raker said.

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