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Energy Spot Questionable

It is a scam.

Before I went to The Energy Spot, I did some research. I was suspicious about the nutritional value of the shakes because I do not think a shake named Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake could possibly healthy. When I pulled up the website, I noticed in small print on the front page it mentions Herbalife products. Curious, I typed the company into my search bar. I quickly discovered that Herbalife is a type of pyramid scheme. In May 2019, the Federal Trade Commission sent a second round of checks totaling $45 million to customers who spent $1,000 on the company and their products but received nothing in return. In the initial settlement in 2017, Herbalife had to pay $200 million and then were required to “fundamentally restructure its business,” according to ftc.gov.

Nutrition facts are nowhere to be seen on The Energy Spot’s website, but one shake’s nutritional value is on the spot’s Facebook. However, the two owners have their Herbalife shops linked out on both of them, leading me to believe The Energy Spot is only a front for the owners to be able to sell more of their product. The website fails to mention the nutritional information; it just states that they will help consumers gain or sustain weight and gain muscle.

The shakes are supposed to be meal replacement shakes, but they are not sufficient meals. They only posted nutritional information for their Oreo smoothie:

  • 17 g of protein
  • 13 g of carbohydrates
  • 9 g of sugar
  • 1 g of fat

It is the only posted nutrition facts that I found on their website. I find it slightly disconcerting that they do not openly display the ingredients of at least a basic shake. There are also no nutrition facts at all on the energy bombs, teas, or aloe shots. If the Energy Spot is so nutritious and healthy, then why are they not open about the contents of their products?

Their products are sold in combos: a shake, a tea and an aloe shot for $10. For an extra $2, customers can replace their tea with an energy bomb drink. The prices are not listed on the boards on the walls, only in slips of paper that they give to customers when they are at the counter. In order to purchase a drink (even with cash), customers have to create an account and add their phone numbers and emails.

In spite of all of this, the customer service is incredible. The owners are friendly and interactive with their customers. When I picked up my aloe shot, I accidentally spilled it all over myself, and the man who had poured me the shot gave me another for free. He was helpful when explaining the flavors and did not rush my friend and I when we were choosing what to order. It is a very friendly environment.

I got a chocolate chip cookie dough shake, strawberry margarita energy bomb and a cranberry aloe shot. The first sips were amazing, and I especially enjoyed the strawberry margarita in the first few sips. $12 is expensive, but the sizes are large, and I am sure that one could buy an individual drink if she asks. As I kept drinking, the overall greatness in flavor began to subside, and the strawberry margarita became nasty on my tongue. Though it did not taste the best, it definitely left me extremely energized for the rest of the day, and I should not have drank it in the afternoon due to a high level of caffeine in the drink. The shake did not taste healthy at all, which I am sure is the point, but something in it tasted off to me. The aloe shot was by far my favorite, which could be because it was the smallest amount of the same liquid I consumed at the energy spot.

Overall, The Energy Spot did not taste bad, but I do not think I will be going back unless another friend chooses it. The Energy Spot is located near Red Sun at 3100 Meridian Parke Dr.

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