Christmas annoys customers

Every year, the holiday season arrives—Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but never in chronological order.

By the time October and November roll around, shoppers know to expect stores everywhere pushing Christmas items. This is a polarizing decision, as some believe this is too early to be thinking about decking the halls.

“The first time I see Christmas trees up I get very happy. And I start thinking about, okay, holidays are coming, I’ve got to get my presents ready, I’ve got to get my room ready. So it kind of gets me in the mood, but I can’t sustain that for 3 months straight. That’s too long to think about Christmas,” Mr. Richard Perry, physics teacher, said.

The excitement of Christmas can be sparked by festive merchandise. However, for some students, this feels too forced and too early.

“I think people are just annoyed with it. I don’t know why they put stuff out there and expect people to come buy it three months early. I know that Walgreens has a ton of stuff out right now and it’s like, calm down! But once it’s closer to Christmas it’s exciting,” junior Alexandria Markowitz said.

Others feel that the early timing allows for the planning that Christmas requires.

“Christmas is a very complex holiday with lots of planning and time spent. It’s very stressful, so there’s a lot of time that needs to be taken to make sure everything works out well. You have to prepare very far out before Dec. 25,” freshman Nathan Kremer said.

The importance of Thanksgiving is often overshadowed by the commercialization of Christmas by large companies and stores.

“I personally don’t start thinking Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I think Thanksgiving is an incredibly important day and holiday in and of itself that people have kind of gotten past. What is it really all about? It’s not about eating until you puke, it’s not about football games. It’s about being thankful for all the things that we have here in our country and just taking a moment to realize that there are places in this world where you don’t get everything that we have. We should be grateful for what we have, and then to some extent think about how can we make different places in the world better,” Mr. Perry said.

Even Kremer admits that selling Christmas items so early takes away from the allure of other holidays.

“People don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because they’re already Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving, but I like Christmas so when I see all the stuff out at the stores it reminds me of that. Christmas involves a lot of time and preparation and Thanksgiving only takes like, four hours, so it works,” Kremer said.

The rationale behind pushing seasonal merchandise is reasonable, but often draining for customers who just want to experience the joy of the holidays.

“They do it because in business you’ve got to get the product out there in time for people to buy it so it’s got to get stocked. I understand the rationale from a business standpoint, putting it out, but then I also think that it overwhelms people and then they get kind of dull to the sense of the holiday and things like that. That’s why I think it’s too early, I think it kind of dulls the whole idea. I have to admit, every time I walk into Walmart and the first time I see Christmas trees in there I get happy. But, now for 3 months I’ve been looking at Christmas trees,” Mr. Perry said.

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