Spooky season essentials

Spooky season is the time for scares, candy, and a lot of fun.

“When you are getting ready for Halloween, you need to get some costumes, get lots and lots of candy for yourself and the kids, and make sure to go get pumpkins. Haunted houses are so much, they are a must do in the spooky season,” sophomore Marlee Turner said.

Spooky season is not always about being spooked.

“Most decorations are so basic, but there are some good ones. The best ones are where they can really scare you are at least not like everyone else’s, like spider webs. Also, a lot of restaurants come out with new foods or drinks, such as Starbucks,” Turner said.

The spirit of Halloween is about all the fun people have.

“You know it is spooky season whenever it turns fall outside, and that is the time whenever it is chilly outside and Starbucks releases their pumpkin spice lattes. You need to have all the hoodies, bonfires with your friends. If you want to have a successful spooky season, you need to buy stocks from Target’s one dollar section, they are very lovely,” sophomore Emma Duffey said.

Decorations for Halloween are an important part of the season.

“Decorations you definitely need to have. Spooky lights around your house, Halloween signs, even if it is a little fake ghost. Your house needs to be decorated inside and out with Halloween items. Anything that is scary, monsters, vampires, and ghosts; anything that you can think of that will add more life into your spooky season,” Duffey said.

Parties are a must-have for the season.

“What makes a good party is making sure everyone dresses up, that is a must for any Halloween party. You also need to have a bonfire, and a lot of snacks. Good snacks like Oreo’s, hot dogs, and smores. Also good music, not bad music because that will ruin the party,” Duffey said.

Sometimes, Halloween is just about having fun with friends.

“For me Halloween is definitely about scaring kids, going around your neighborhood asking for candy, and just having a good time with your friends. Just act like kids because you only have a little time before you cannot do that again. For Halloween decorations, just go all out for it, nothing is too much for Halloween,” sophomore Zach Leber said.

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