Author visit provides unique experience

Frame, deception, and mystery all describe the up and coming book, Now Entering Addamsville, by Francesca Zappia who recently visited GHS.

Now Entering Addamsville takes place in the fictional town of Addamsville, Indiana, where the local high school janitor’s house is burned down and the main character is framed.

“I’ve been told it’s like Stranger Things meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It takes place in a town that is kind of known for ghost-hunting and demons,” Zappia said. “Then, the high school janitor’s house is burned down and Zora, the main character, is blamed and she has to prove her innocence and save the town.”

Junior Isaiah Ray enjoyed being able to meet the author behind the books he read and understand her thought.

“Actually being able to meet the author and ask her questions is a really neat experience. I heard about the book from a friend, and it sounded like a really cool book. I love the science fiction genre, and that is what kind of stories she writes,” he said. “I was able to actually see the thought process that went into her books and realized that she is like an actual person. I got a better understanding of what she is like as a person and was able to see where she came from when she was writing it.”

Meeting an author is a unique experience

“It provides an experience that the students would otherwise not have. Students get to ask questions, learn background information, and really get to see where the story originated,” Mrs. Julia Reynolds, media specialist, said. “Francesca has called it a bit of an own voices book; this is where the main character is based off of the author so that will tell us a little bit about what Francesca is like.”

Zappia began writing stories at a young age and has been working on one of her stories since she was eight.

“About the time I read the second Harry Potter book and it was at this point I realized that people wrote books not machines, and I just loved how J.K. Rolling wrote it like I could picture the story as a movie in my head,” she said. “It made me want to write stories that someone could picture in their head as a movie.”

Bringing an author in to talk to students can be expensive depending on the author.

“The price to bring an author in really varies; it depends on the author’s location and travel distance. It depends if they are a New York Times bestselling author; that can really bring up the price. It depends how many presentations they are giving and for how long,” Mrs. Reynolds said. “In Francesca’s case because she is local and she is actually promoting a brand new book that no one has had the chance to read yet she, is free, but free visits don’t happen very often.”

Now Entering Addamsville is the third book of Zappia that has been published.

I’ve got three books that are actually published by a major publishing house, and then I have another two stories that I’ve been working on that are available on Wattpad. Monstrous Sea, which is the love of my life, I’ve actually been working on and off since I was eight, and I would really love for it to be published,” Zappia said. “I started trying to get published my freshman year of high school and I tried to find an agent but didn’t actually get one until my freshman year of college.”

Now Entering Addamsville is available at Barnes and Noble or most book stores.



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