What goes into funding sports?

Officials making calls, workers selling food, and tickets being sold, all go into the vast expense of school sports.

“Boys basketball we get the most profit year in and year out. We also give money to football because there is a ton of expenses that go into it,” Athletic Director Mr. Irwin said.

The items sports funding go into can get costly very fast, and the real cost can add up to be a lot over the years.

“The money we get goes into equipment first of all. With the money we also are able to get new uniforms and keep everything looking nice. Officials and security are the things that really go for a lot of money. We also have to pay workers for other things like concession stands as well,” Mr. Irwin said.

Fundraisers help sports to get that new equipment and stay updated with uniforms.

“We participate in all of our athletic fundraisers we can. We also do our letters that are just funded by money that goes straight into the volleyball program. We don’t sell anything so it’s nice to see us bring in money for the program,” Amanda Ratliff, volleyball coach, said. 

Fundraisers are a great for the community to help out sports, and our community really helps us to support our school sports.

Football is easily a sport that comes to mind when people think of sports funding. They also use fundraisers to support the team.

“Our big fundraiser as the football program is our discount cards. That is our biggest fundraiser. Money wise it varies on how much we get because we get 75% of each card profit. One of the biggest things we buy is just regular equipment. We provide practice jerseys, game socks, belts, mouthpieces and all of that stuff. Our athletic department does a great job of supporting us. Fundraising is a very importing thing to do and it helps the players have an incentive as well to sell things for the program,” Mike Campbell, football coach, said.

“Fundraisers go to nice uniforms and it allows us to make sure we are good to get new things and stay up-to-date. Without the bingo and other activities, we probably couldn’t get new things as often as we do and keep them nice,” Mr. Irwin said.

Some of the sports GHS has doesn’t bring in any money at all.

“Cross country, golf, tennis, cheer don’t bring any money to the school. Most times, we break even in track if we have enough home meets,” Irwin said.

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