Swim team starts up with new coaches

The first swim practice will take place Monday, and there are some changes on deck.

With two new coaches, this year’s swim season will bring a lot of new and exciting changes. One new coach, Mrs. Tami Nuhfer, was previously an assistant coach for the middle school swim team for three years and is excited for the change in environment.

“Coaching high school will enable me to continue participating in something I truly love while allowing me more time with my family. I am also excited to be back on deck with those athletes that I started with back in middle school,” Coach Nuhfer said.

After the former head coach’s resignation, current Greenwood Gators head coach, Mr. Ray Onisko, is ready to step up and take charge.

“I am going to keep everything very high intensity and at the level we’ve been training at, holding everybody to a higher standard discipline-wise and attendance-wise. I want more of a team from top to bottom as well,” Coach Onisko said.

With new seasons comes new swimmers. Incoming freshmen like Naomi Weaver, Lydia Johnson, and Jake Ellington will be a few of many to watch. Freshman Josi Chanley voiced her excitement on her first season.

“I have been swimming for four years now, and I am excited to meet new teammates,” Chanley said.

New coach Annie Peters is a special education teacher at GHS and is excited to start coaching. Her past experiences with coaching will no doubt bring new ideas to the team.

“I previously taught in Nebraska. I was the head coach there for four years at the high school,” Peters said.

With the success of last year’s team, the coaches plan to hit the ground running to continue that success.

“The expectation for this year is for everyone to work hard and everyone’s going to have fun. At the end of the day, if everything goes well, hopefully we’re looking at being on top at sectionals,” Coach Onisko said.

Junior Jaden Duong has been swam with the same coach throughout all three years of high school but is confident in the new coaches’ abilities.

“I think this year is going to be different because it’s the first year I have had without Mr. Hockersmith as a coach, but I trust that the new coaches will try their best to train us to be the best that we can be,” Duong said.

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