Streaming services compete for students’ attention

Entertainment dominates high schoolers worldwide, and GHS is no exception.

Streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, and Apple Music can be found on a majority of students’ phones, and these apps truly impact the lives of those who utilize them.

“I listen to music typically just about every hour of the day, but I’d say I spend a good 12 hours a day on streaming services,” sophomore Marissa Addison said.

Addison takes advantage of the convenience of these services for students. For some, listening to music on these apps increases concentration in school.

“I totally think that listening to music on streaming sites can get my mind to not be so stressed out over some homework and school assignments,” junior Matthew Jones said.

One aspect Jones does not like about services that stream movies and TV shows is the rising cost.

“I think these services are very convenient, but I don’t like how much it is monthly to watch stuff and how they don’t always have everything I want,” Jones said.

Many networks are pulling their shows from other services and creating their own. The looming creation of Disney+, AT&T TV, HBO Max, Apple TV+, among others, is daunting to some GHS students.

“I think it’s awful because now they’re taking my favorite shows off of Netflix and I have to go pay for another service to watch it. It makes me upset. It’s becoming cable television,” Jones said.

Other students praise these companies for jumping on the streaming service trend.

“I do believe more competition is great. I believe in capitalism, you know? You don’t want any monopolies out there taking your money. With more variety, more people can watch what they want and that’s also more convenient. I’m all about convenience, that’s what people like,” junior Elisabeth Haley said.

Haley finds herself spending on average two hours a day on these services. She appreciates the ease of streaming but tries to not use it as an escape from her responsibilities.

“I think they are convenient, but people can get sidetracked and they can eventually become a priority over other things. I do think you don’t want to get out an old DVD or CD when this is right there at your convenience. Who wants to do that?” Haley said.

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