Snack Shack opens for business

GHS staff constantly work to give every student, special needs or not, the opportunity to learn how to live and work in the modern world.

Ms. Sheri Luedeman, Essential Skills teacher is the brains behind the Snack Shack program.

“The Snack Shack is a project I’m doing with my Essential Skills kids to teach them basic job skills,” she said. “We print out order forms, distribute and then collect them. After we count up the money, that’s when we actually start making the snacks. At this time, we are only doing this for teachers.”

The Snack Shack’s menu changes weekly.

“Whatever the item is that we’re selling that week, we make and deliver ourselves. We started with popcorn, and then we went on to items like trail mix, cookies, rice crispy treats and brownies. The kind of recipes we can make here in school,” Ms. Luedeman said.

Mrs. Julie Clayton, Special Education teacher, initially created the idea of Snack Shack.

“The idea came from Coffee Club, which we started and stopped a few years ago, but we’re restarting it this year,” Mrs. Clayton said. “Coffee Club works the same as Snack Shack, both are from the Essential Skills students.”

Supply and demand played a key part in the creation of Snack Shack.

“We started Snack Shack mostly for the teachers in the afternoon that don’t drink coffee,” Mrs. Clayton said.

At its core, Snack Shack is a teaching tool for basic economics for students with mental disabilities.

“This gives them the experience of running a small business and of course, helps the kids get involved in the community,” Ms. Luedeman said.

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