Scary movies

I think scary movies are the worst things ever created.

They are super scary to me. They are the only movie type I do not like watching. They make me feel very uncomfortable.

The worst part is when a horror film is based on a true story. That is when people know what they are about to watch will be the scariest thing they have ever seen. The actors goal is to make it seem very realistic.

 For example, when Ryan Reynolds get possessed by a demon that is living in the house, he is forced to try to kill his family that lives in the house with him. Reynolds does not succeed, but he came close many times. Luckily, his wife loves him and did not kill him but drove him away from the demon so he would no longer be possessed. Movies like IT, the Amityville Horror, and The Conjuring are super scary movies that the actors are so good in. 

One odd movie that terrifies me is Finding Nemo. I have a phobia of fish. Fish are scary because they can kill easily with all their diseases and their sharp fins. They can cut fingers, and there is a possibility that someone could bleed out. If a fish cuts people in the ocean, they could drown because they could be deep under water while bleeding. Finding Nemo is supposed to be family-friendly, but to me, those fish are just little devils swimming around. IT is also very scary with solo shots of the clown talking or dancing or singing. The scariest part is when Pennywise opens his mouth really wide, and the music starts to play like an old school chorus group. Then, all that is seen is the dead lights at the bottom of his throat. Then all of a sudden I hear a boy-like screech for help.

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