Rose and Remington opens their first store in Greenwood

A new store has opened up in the Greenwood Park Mall. Rose and Remington has opened up their first store outside of Ohio.

Sophomore Macy Olivia has bought things off their website but has never had the chance to visit a Rose and Remington store in person.

Rose and Remington is another clothing store with different clothes and other stuff. Many people have not heard of it because it is only based in Ohio. I am pretty excited for the new store because they do offer really cool clothes and other accessories. It adds another variety to the mall and I think it will last for a long time. I encourage a lot of people to shop there, because they have some quality items,” she said.

Sophomore Marissa Addison has never shopped there but is interested in the new opening.

“I have never heard of the store until a couple days ago. I think the store is pretty low-key and is just now opening up in Indiana. I took a look at their items, and they all look really good. I think it is a great addition to the mall so it is not just one store. I think the store will last a long time for the clothes alone, but it isn’t just clothes. They have a lot of cool things, like jewelry as well and shoes, too.”

Sophomore Kennedy Philips has also not heard of the store but does not think the store will last in the Greenwood Mall.

“I think Rose and Remington is pretty cool actually, but since not many people have heard of it, I don’t think it will last very long. Usually people stick to the same stores when shopping. At least I do because they know what is there and where to find it. Adding a new store is good for diversity, but they will need to do a lot of marketing. The store in itself has a lot of good options, though. If they really promote themselves I think the store will be a hit,” she said.

Macey Hoffman is the closest thing the store has to a manager. She has high hopes for the store and explains a little about the store.

“Our target is very broad. Well a mom and daughter own the store so it is focused towards that kind of buyers. So anyone girl ages thirteen to like sixty really. I think the store will do really well because I don’t think there are many stores like ours so I think it will thrive.” she said.



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