Greenwood Wrestlers prepare for their upcoming season


Wrestling is an intense sport that can involve hours of practice every day of the week as well as pushing to weigh as little or as much as possible in order to compete.

With returning wrestlers Anthony Walker an 11th grader, Noah Willham a 12th grader, and Tyler Maxwell a 10th grader, GHS is preparing for a pretty good season. Preparing comes differently for different people, one way is to attend the college meets. 

“I went to two college meets over the summer. One for Purdue and One for IU. It was really interesting because I got to see a lot of higher level guys performing. It helped me understand what I needed to do to sort of get to that level,” Maxwell said.

Preparing in advance for wrestling season is the key to success. Many participate in club wrestling or do agility to prepare their bodies. 

“I prepared in the offseason by wrestling for teams; like Greenwood and the Outlaws and going to tournaments. The hardest part is the conditioning,” Walker said.

Wrestlers must maintain certain weights. If they fail to make weight, they may not be able to compete or be bumped up to the next weight level.

“I usually just watch what I eat. I also drink lots of water because it helps flush out bad things that my body could hold,” Willham said.

Most wrestlers have someone they look up to, maybe an older sibling or coach or possibly even a parent. 

“This sport is pretty intense. It gets competitive although what motivates me the most is my brother. He was a huge impact on how I perform, and he always told me to keep my head up and everything. Without his help, I don’t think I would’ve been able to do this sport. I want to be able to do just as good as he did,” said Willham.

The first GHS wrestling match is on November 23rd. It’s a tournament away at Beech Grove High School.

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