Are Scary Movies Scary?


Year after year new horror movies are released into theaters for enjoyment and a quick thrill ride. Some are good and some are bad and others are like IT which completely break box office records. But not all horror movies are scary.

I have seen many horror movies and most of them disappoint with poor storylines and rushed jumpscares. Occasionally, I’ll run across a really good horror movies such as The Conjuring or IT, that have a fantastic, moving story, and have no boring moments in them. Those two examples are not just horror movies though. They differ than other movies because of the way they were created. The Conjuring was based on a real life story from Ed and Lorraine Warren, and it brought in a religious sense because of the demonic possessions that take place. IT was a story with an alien-like being with the powers to control everything in a small town in Maine.

These movies still have all the other characteristics of other horror movies with jumpscares, but the overall feeling of paranoia that people get from realizing some of the unknown powers of these movie antagonists is what really scares people. People do not go home and get nightmares or get frightened over a jumpscare; they get frightened by the main antagonist in the horror movie that they just watched.

Almost all horror movies are gory and full of unneeded jumpscares that make them almost a comedy with the effects rather than the intended intense feel that they are supposed to do. A few decades back, Nightmare on Elm Street was released and everyone was scared with the story it provided. Now, we watch those movies and see how dated they are and laugh at how poor the effects and mood are compared to now.

So no, horror movies are not scary to me because most of the movies do not have the feel or anticipation that makes horror movies good. Good horror movies make people nervous when watching them and paranoid after. If people do not get those feelings watching them, then the horror movie is not a good one.


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