New fieldhouse project excites students

Downtown Greenwood is a place that has plenty of potential, and the preservation of the North Gym at the old Greenwood Middle School has allowed for a fieldhouse project that should allow for Greenwood residents to have a place for fun and getting fit.

“There’s two parts. There is a new facility that is being added on to the front that will be an indoor turf field for lacrosse and indoor soccer. We will have places for things like volleyball and pickleball. We’ll also have a raised walking track around the second floor,” Mayor Mark Myers said.

The addition of a new athletic center has members of the community excited.

“I think it is really cool. I hope that it is an area that is open for anyone to use, like the community center,” freshman Dylan Pringle said. “I love to be able to go and play pick-up basketball at places so I would love for a new place to do so.”

The ultimate goal of the fieldhouse is to benefit the community.

“It can be for indoor activities year around to allow people to continue to exercise and become more physically fit, and it also helps bring the community together to meet new people and work as a breeding place for friendships and relationships,” Mayor Myers said.

The fieldhouse will be open to all members of the community.

“They will have to contact the Greenwood Parks and Recreation Department. They will manage it and will go by the current city rules and regulations,” Mayor Myers said.

The goal for the fieldhouse being finished is less than two years away.

“Let’s say the spring of 2021. It will take us about a year to get it completely built out,” Mayor Myers said.

For people living in the area, it is an exciting addition.

“I think it’s a great idea. I live not to far from there so it’s exciting to have new additions to downtown Greenwood and to have a place where people can go and enjoy themselves and be relaxed while exercising and things,” junior Tate Johnson said.

Students have a high expectation for the fieldhouse.

“More than just a place for sports, I think it would be a perfect place to be care-free and be able to hang out with friends at a place that is right near my house,” Pringle said.

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