Super Thankful Dudes create new student band

During PowerHour 1, members of the Super Thankful Dudes hang out in Room K111. They are not working on homework; instead, they are writing songs.

The Super Thankful Dudes are a student band. Sophomore Chase Davidson is the bass guitarist. In middle school, he played in the jazz band which provided him with experience that helps out the band.

“It is unique because we get to make our hours and we get to hang around people we like. We can joke around, and it feels almost like a second family. The best part is hanging around with each other and making some songs, play, be stupid, and enjoy the time we have together,” Davidson said

Sophomore Chris Neely plays multiple instruments, such as the ukulele, guitar, and kazoo.

“I think they are really fun to play, and I enjoy them. I love how we are all idiots, and it is really fun to hang out with each other,” he said.

Sophomore Michael Clark plays the drums and is the lead writer as well along with the male vocalist that complements female vocalist, junior Anna Gallagher.

“I play the drums because it is just in high energy and is really fun. I am also lead writer and male vocalist. We really are just a variety band. We do whatever we feel must be done. I love all of us goofing around, writing music, and having fun. We want to take our band as far as we can take it. We don’t really have a set goal at the moment it is kind of just a side project for us. We will perform when we are ready but we are not really in the stage of performing. We all have the same taste but none of us can really play the same way as each other,” he said

Gallagher is the female vocalist and also contributes to writing their first song as well as many more in the future.

“I am the lead singer, and the band is really fun. I love getting together and think of different things to write in a variety. My favorite part about it is writing music. I am in choir, but I chose this as well so I could be with my friends. We don’t really have a set genre we play a variety. We are writing a couple new songs. We still need to write the chords and some other things for it, but we have lyrics written for it,” she said.

Sophomore Anthony Frushon plays the trumpet in Super Thankful Dudes. He began

playing trumpet at a young age and has kept with it ever since.

“I play trumpet because I really just find an interest in brass instruments. Just something about trumpet has a big influence. They are really cool guys to work with, and I enjoy spending time with them. We all have a unique sense of creativity which makes us unique,” he said.

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