Student council prepares for Homecoming

Intense planning goes into the fun-filled homecoming week Student Council has been planning.

This year, students can expect many fun activities that involve the entire student body.

“We will have the parade, as usual, on Friday night. Our hallways will be decorated for each class. The pep rally will be on Friday afternoon. Powderpuff will be on Tuesday night, and the semi-formal dance will be on Saturday night this year,” Mrs. Amanda Ratliff, student council sponsor, said.

The biggest change to Homecoming festivities this year is that Student Council will be hosting a semi-formal dance. The theme of the dance will be glow in the dark, and there will be desserts served. The dance will start at 7 p.m. and last until 10 p.m. in the school cafeteria.

“I am so glad we are having a formal Homecoming this year. I think it’s a much better option because I know that when I was an underclassmen I always looked forward to Homecoming since freshmen and sophomores can’t go to Prom. I am glad that for my senior year it is formal because it is one of the last school dances I will get to go to,” senior Katrina Stanger, Student Council president, said.

As freshmen, the Class of 2023 is preparing for their first Homecoming and creating their own parade float, decorating their own hallway, and forming their own powderpuff team.

“I haven’t been really nervous because my friends have been helping me with a lot of the things we have to do. I am really excited that we changed the dance back to semi-formal because I went to the eighth grade dance and I think having a semi-formal dance will be a fun way to start off my freshmen year,” freshmen Emily Metzger, class president, said.

One of the most fun parts of Homecoming week are the spirit days. Monday is ballers vs scholars, Tuesday is class color day, Wednesday is decades, Thursday is tacky tourist and Friday is green and gold.

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