Staffer experiences new viewpoint of pizza

There is a long list of items that do not belong on pizza; however, Chicago’s Pizza With a Twist completely voids this list.

With a large Indian influence, pizza lovers can get a variety of toppings on their pizza from the originals like pepperoni or sausage or to the crazy and the unknown, such as curry and tandoori chicken. The menu also features a variety of sauces as well with unknowns such as béchamel sauce or tikka sauce. The twist was definitely something I was not expecting. I was treated to a heavily Indian- influenced menu that I had never quite seen before.

Chicago’s Pizza With a Twist resides in the southwest strip at County Line and Emerson behind Sonic and Culver’s. After walking in and waiting for my two pizzas, a classic deep dish pepperoni and a curry sauce, tandoori chicken pizza. The atmosphere was like a very basic pizza restaurant: the square tables, the bar stools, a very generic design with some pictures hanging on the wall. I paid for my pizza and was offered a large handful of cheese and other little toppings commonly available at most pizza restaurants.

I went home and was greeted with a greasy pepperoni pizza covered in cheese and then something that looked like it belonged in a toilet. I tried the classic pepperoni pizza. At this point my standards were low; these people were shaming pizza by putting all of this stuff that does not belong on a pizza on their pizzas. Surprisingly, the pepperoni pizza was one of the best deep dish pizzas I had ever had. The pizza was cooked just perfect where it had a nice subtle crunch to it mixed with the perfect ratio of sauce to cheese. None of the pizza’s flavors overwhelmed the other which is a common mistake I find in pizzas. Pepperoni did not overcrowd the pizza and was instead separated throughout with each slice guaranteeing two to three nice, crispy, greasy pepperonis.

Then, it came time to try the curry sauce tandoori chicken pizza. I had my friend try it first to make sure it was actually edible.

“It tasted just weird. It had an unusual taste and texture, nothing like I was prepared for. The strong seasonings of the curry sauce and the texture of the tandoori chicken did not go well together,” junior Jared Ott said. “It was edible, and I would eat it again, but between the look of it and the unusual textures, I doubt I would ever order something like it.”

Then, it came time for me to try the unusual pizza. Once I got over the look of it, I went in, and it was exactly like Jared described it. It had an unusual texture and taste that I was not really used to or expecting. However, I could say that this was like putting anchovies on pizza; they do not really belong, but a small number of people like them. Curry and tandoori chicken did not really belong on pizza, but I could see it acquiring a small following.

A large 14 inch pizza only costs $12.99, a medium only costs $10.99 and the small cost $8.99. With prices that are equal to most pizza chains today but a taste that is greater, it is definitely worth its price. They do alright making the basic pizzas, but when they add their twist to try and stick out, it might not work for everybody. I definitely plan on going back, especially since it is so close. It is definitely worth the short drive to get some good deep dish pepperoni pizza.



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