Sports debate club

Sports debate club is a club where students argue what is new in sports.

“It is a club where people can share their thoughts, opinions, and discuss the sports current events. We are mainly targeting football, basketball, and baseball, but we are open to talk about any other sports people are interested in,” senior Spencer Aaron said.

They meet every other Tuesday during PowerHour 1 in Mr. Sutton’s room.

“We decided to make this club because we thought there was a need to develop an organized way to debate the newest events in sports. We are looking for the underclassmen to keep the club going on with the debating,” Aaron said.

Three seniors are leading the group now.goo

“It is just a group of people that are talking through sport. We talk about what is going on new in sports and how it is going, with all sports, whether it is high school, college, and professional,” senior Joey Brazelton said.

The club was inspired by another new club.

“Me and my friends just like talking about sports. We thought it would be a fun thing to do for anybody who is interested. This was not a super long term planning, but we got inspiration from the Young Men of Purpose Club,” Brazelton said.

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