Sophomore boys step up

With losing major contributors to last year’s graduation, sophomores needed to fill big roles for the football team. 

The team was looking for key players after losing the majority of the defensive and offensive line. This was a major change for players Dylan Mayhew and Brayden Gardner who went from playing freshman to varsity in one year. 

  “The hardest part is trying to prove yourself and work you’re hardest and trying to prove you belong on the varsity spot over the other people that are trying to compete with you. Many people are fighting for a spot, and provide great communication every week in practice.” Gardner said.

  Players had to make major adjustments to improve their game and team as well.

“The biggest change between freshman and varsity is the pace of the game and how everyone else knows they should be there when you’re trying to prove yourself as an underclassmen,” Gardner said.

 The football team practices four to five times a week after school until approximately 5 p.m. This gives the players time to improve the team skills for the next game.

  “I look forward to improving my IQ of the game as I play throughout the season. I study film and I go through the motions at practice so on Friday nights I don’t get yelled at by Coach Clark and Coach Campbell and don’t get taken out,” Mayhew said.

  Looking beyond high school sports and college sports is a major goal for many young athletes. It takes a lot for an athletes to get noticed, but if they are good enough scouts will find them.

“I send emails to some coaches and colleges to let them know I am interested and I attend different football camps to put my name out there,”Mayhew said.

The next game for the Woodmen is Sept. 27 at home against Perry Meridian at 7 p.m.

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