New sports admission cost hits Greenwood

This year GHS and all the schools in the Mid-State conference will increase its admission prices. The new price will now be $6.

“The conference as a whole went to six dollars number one reason. It is also to cover the cost of officials and workers, that’s the main reason the conference made the switch in cost,” Mr. Irwin said.

Sophomore Jackson Watkins supports the increase of the cost this year.

“People might get ticked off by the raise in the prices, but we also offer our sports passes that are nice to have instead of spending the money each and every game,” sophomore Jackson Watkins said

The sports passes are less expensive this year though. With the admissions going up, the school hopes to help out families. Now more or less, the school is looking to make the majority of its money from the visitors. The family passes have gone down to $180; the student passes have stayed at $25.

“We actually lowered the adult passes. Just trying to help out with cost. We are trying to help out our home crowd, not at all hurt them,” Mr. Irwin said.

The school is looking to bring in more crowds this year, but with the new cost might look like a bad move. With the sports passes decreasing in price, it gives fan a new option.

”I think that since we are reducing our prices, that if anything it doesn’t hurt at all. The passes are more convenient now that we are able to lower the cost,” junior Thomas Burt said.

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