Homecoming Football Hype

On Sept. 27, the football team faces off against Perry Meridian on a Homecoming night that will draw crowds unlike any other game during the regular season.

Coach Mike Campbell is excited, but cannot pinpoint how the game with Perry will play out.

“This year is going good, a lot of young guys got their first varsity action and looking forward to making great strides throughout the year. I’m very excited for the game against Perry Meridian because the crowd it will draw will be massive: we’ll have some old players and alumni to watch the game,” he said.

Quarterback Oliver Rau is finally a senior and excited for this year’s Football season.

“I’m always excited for homecoming night, because it brings in an extra big and enthusiastic crowd. As the season goes on the team will get better, but even now we’re doing really well. I’ve been playing Football here all four years of going to GHS and this year’s looking good,” Rau said.

Junior Eli Pitts, center is in both choir and football.

“I’m very excited, and I’m also in choir so I’m going both sing the National Anthem and play in the game. The team this year is really coming together and fighting as one unit. This year our team is much stronger, and we’ve been practicing preseason and coming together as one.”

Self-proclaimed super fan Emma Duffey, sophomore, remembers last season’s game against Perry Meridian that did not go as planned. The Falcons were playing their Homecoming game against the Woodmen and had not won a game all season until that night.

“We came into the game with very high hopes. We did great during the first half, but something happened during half-time that turned off our motivation and turned on their motivation. Perry came out and – boom – they started playing really well all of a sudden, and we lost,” she said.


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