GHS begins casting and set production for Fall Play

Mixing drama, mystery, and comedy is a bad idea in most scenarios, but when done in a GHS play, it is perfect for everyone to see.

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 is about a creative team responsible for a recent Broadway flop during which three chorus girls were murdered by the mysterious Stage Door Slasher.  The fall play is going to knock the audience out of their seats.  Junior Parker Irwin is this year’s Thespian president, and said the play will be strong, funny, and unique

“Our set is replete with secret passageways and doors and should be interesting.  We will be casting around five girls and five boys unless understudies are casted,” Irwin said.

Mrs. Amy Kendall assistant director said the biggest struggle for this year is also going to be the strongest aspect of the play.  Mrs. Kendall said trying to make a play comical is difficult to time and make sure the audience understands.

“Honestly, the comedy is the strongest part, too.  We have a lot of really good comedians.  And the set is so good this year.  We have a really cool design, and it’s movable.  There will be a lot of interesting sound effects because the tech is so interesting.  A lot of plays are stationary and boring, but this one is not,” Mrs. Kendall said.

Junior Kimberly Cope, Thespian vice president, said the play is going to be pretty funny.  And unlike any other GHS has done in the past.

“For the most part, I think this is more of an entertaining play than a deep, moral-message filled play.  It says in the title even that it’s a comedy, so I would expect some laughs to come from the audience and staff.  And although it says musical comedy in the title, it is also going to have a lot of dialogue to contribute to the comedy,” Cope said.

Mrs. Kendall said to expect some laughter instead of a deep message.

“It’s very entertaining, very farcical and silly, kind of slapstick.  No deeper message really with this one.  It has been a while since we have done something like this because everything has been so heavy on a message or idea,” Mrs. Kendall said.

The play will be performed November 15-16.  The tickets will be $8 for students.

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