Boys Tennis vs Columbus North

The boy’s tennis team is a tight-knit group. They face Columbus North on Tuesday

“We’ve played them just about every year. We alternate where we’re at, and this year were at home,” Coach Ben Sutton said.

Columbus North has a good team so they will bring some exciting competition.

“Columbus North is a big school they usually bring a pretty tough team, but the last couple of years, we have had extremely close matches. It should be a good match,” Coach Sutton said.

Coach Jeremy Runge knows how to ensure that all of the boys are ready and he is prepared to make any changes needed.

“You find your opponents weakness. Then you make adjustments as their opponent does. So it’s just non-stop analyzing,” he said.

This year it seems like the boys are hanging out more and getting along together as well as ever.

“We have had more kids hang out after practices or after matches together it really just depends on how busy the kids are,” Coach Runge said.

 They are all very close and share some traditions that everyone can partake in and enjoy.

“I love going to Denny’s as a team before Saturday morning matches. It is such a good way to relax before a match and get to hang out with teammates,” Aidan Luttrell said.


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