Andrew Luck retires; fans react

A story so unexpected sends a ripple through all of Indiana and Colts fans. A Super Bowl hopeful team with a potential Hall of Fame quarterback as their leader may have lost all hope for even a playoff run.

Towards the end of halftime at the Colts and Bears third Preseason game, social media and all sports news casts were told the star quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts was retiring. There were different reactions to this news across the nation as other players were shared their thoughts on Luck’s retirement. As well as players reacting to the news, die-hard Colts fans Ryan Pruitt, senior, Dylan Mayhew, sophomore, and Ethan Pringle, freshman, shared their first reactions.

“I was shocked. He has had such a short career and it seemed like the news of his retirement came out of nowhere,” senior, Ryan Pruitt said.

Mayhew recalled his reaction when he found out about Luck.

“I was taking a nap and my dad woke me up and told me. I was in disbelief and checked Instagram to see if it was real and even after seeing all the news, I didn’t believe it,” sophomore Dylan Mayhew said.

Pringle recalled his first reaction.

“I was a little shocked. At such a young age it was surprising. Especially when he was that good,” freshman, Ethan Pringle said.

Many Colts fans also said that without Andrew Luck, they expect the team to struggle mightily and miss the NFL playoffs entirely.

“He’s been a big part of the team in recent years, and I was expecting him to help carry the Colts to a playoff berth and maybe even a deep playoff run. I think they will win probably about half their games. They have a solid offensive line but having to adjust to a new quarterback is something the Colts have struggled with in the past. It could definitely be a major downfall for them this year,” Pruitt said.

Mayhew described on how well he believes the Colts will do without Luck.

“Even without Luck, I believe they will still have a shot at making the playoffs as a Wild Card. I think Brissett can lead the Colts to a playoff berth with a 9-7 record. I think the best they can do is 14-2 record,” said Mayhew.

Pringle said we he believes on how well Colts will do without Luck.

“I think we still have a solid team with Hilton, but I think Brissett will do fine. He’s got big shoes to fill with Luck being out. I think we can make the playoffs but lose in the first round,” Pringle said.

When Colts fans at the game found out Luck was retiring, they started to boo him out of the stadium. Pruitt, Mayhew, and Pringle share their thoughts on whether the other Colts fans handled their reactions well.

“The news at first could’ve affected anyone in a number of different ways. For the die-hard fans it could be very devastating to find out that the star quarterback is retiring before the hopeful season had even begun. I disagree with their reactions. As someone who has had the same surgery as Luck, it’s very frustrating to deal with and the risk of reinjury is very high. I’m sure the decision was one of the hardest of his life and the boos from the faithful Colts fans could have only made it worse,” Pruitt said.

Mayhew explained why he believes the boos were disrespectful.

“I think it was very disrespectful towards Luck. He has done a lot for the team. He has put in a lot of time and effort for the team. And for the most part, he has been successful on the team during his seven year career, and it’s just a shame injuries caused his retirement,” said Mayhew.

Pringle explained why he thinks the boos are disrespectful.

“I don’t agree with the fans booing him. He’s mentally torn down and its disrespectful after all he has done for the team,” said Pringle.





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