Football Preview

Football is the most exciting season of the school year for many people. Players get the adrenaline rush of playing the game, the students get to go have fun with their friends on Friday nights, and even the teachers take pride in the school when they go support at the games. The team is just getting started with their training and preparations for this season, and they have big goals.

“I want the team this year to improve the record we had last year and do our best to make a significant run late in the year” sophomore Brayden Gardner, right guard, said.

They already have their eyes on teams they want to beat this year, and they know what they must do to accomplish that

 “We really want to beat Perry Meridian because last year we didn’t do as well towards the end of the game and that cost us the win so I think that if we can finish better we can beat them” junior Ethan Haessig, running back, said.

The players also have goals for themselves individually.

“I just want to help the team the best that I can through practice and games. Everyone on our team has a role, and I just want to do mine to the best of my ability” Gardner said.

The coaches have a few key players in mind who they think will perform especially well this year.

“I mean were going to be pretty young on defense thing year. The guys that I would look out for this year are three line backers –Gavin Rupert, Gabe Long, and Josh Miller– so they’re going to have big ears.” Coach Bradley Clark said.

There is one player in particular that the coaches expect to really come out this season and blow everyone away.

“I think Ethan Haessig offensively this year is going to have a break out this year, he’ll be one of the guys that will be able to really showcase some of his talents this year.” Coach Mike Campbell said

Fans might notice a few changes.

“Coach Clark is taking over as defensive coordinator so we’re going to play a 3-4 defensive rather than the 4-4 that we’ve played for the last 10 years,” Coach Campbell said

The team’s next game is away against Bloomington North, this will only be the second time that the GHS has played them.

“We’re looking forward to going down there and trying to find a way to win that game. Our big thing is that we have a lot of new guys starting, a lot of new guys coming in so we just want to see how they react to the Friday Night Lights,” Coach Campbell said.

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