Taylor Swift’s New Album

With the new Taylor Swift album out, fans have plenty of thoughts on the singles already released.

Senior Alexa Ashmore has been a fan of Taylor Swift since she was young. “I love her new single The Archer. It’s my favorite song of the singles and really represents her writing style. I love her songs that are thought-provoking. I think the thing that really makes her stand out from other artists is her lyric writing.”

Freshmen Jack Titzer has gone to a Taylor Swift concert. “I’ve been a fan of hers since I was like 6 or 7, so like half of my life. I’ve only heard the single ‘Me!’ but I love it. I work out and play basketball to the song, and it’s really motivating. I love the inclusion of Brendon Urie because it offers some more unique lyric writing and a slightly different tone than a break-up song. I’d love to hear more collabs with artists. I really liked the collab with Kendrick Lamar so I’d love some more rappers and see where they go.”

Senior Alayna Burgh has a very different take on the singles. “I don’t like the shift in tone. I like the sadder and slower stuff. I don’t have a favorite of the singles because they’re way too upbeat. I hope the full album has some slower songs because I do not like the upbeat songs that have been released this far.”

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