Every school year brings new changes, and this one is no different. Greenwood High School is introducing QUEST, a class offered to juniors and seniors.

QUEST, one of the newest classes offered, helps Special Education students interact with other students on a regular basis. The program pairs a Special Education student with another student, and together they socialize with new friends and work in a group setting in regular classrooms.

“Your whole job to earn credit is to pair up with that student and help them succeed in the classroom and complete the classwork to the best of their ability,” Mrs. Laura Stadfeld, FACS teacher, said.

The students interact in a variety of classes, such as art, foods and physical education, as well as academic classes like history. By being exposed to classrooms with lots of students, the Special Education student is experiencing first-hand normal high school life. 

“They get to see and interact with people every day and experience the things that most high school students take for granted,” Mr. Jeremy Runge, history teacher, said.

Not only do the Special Education students benefit from this new class, but so do the students they are paired with. 

“The students get to know different kids in the building and becoming advocates for those kids. These students are also learning teaching skills, people skills, and skills about working with different types of people. They are also learning creativity because they are coming up with new ways to help these kids and figure out how they will be successful,” Mrs. Stadfeld said.

Senior Marissa Turner works with the special education students every day. She helps them in foods class and physical education.

“The best part is seeing the smiles on the children’s faces, and knowing that no one feels secluded,” Turner said. “I hope that the Greenwood student body that never engaged with these kids before will do it now.”

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