New freshmen play varsity

All good things must come to an end. This is no exception for the 2018-2019 volleyball team.      

With losing major contributors Alyssa Stilley and Maddy Limbach, the incoming freshmen Mya Ayro and Ella Dean have big shoes to fill.

“I want to help the team be the team everyone talks about, and other teams being afraid to play us,” Ayro said.

This years upperclassman are major leaders for the volleyball team hoping to lead them to a winning season.

“I really look up to Kate Mier. She is a setter like I am, and she is always a great example for me to learn from. The ball always comes off of her hands perfectly, and she is really great at pushing the ball all the way outside,”  Dean said.

Often nerves play a major role in a young player’s mind, although these freshmen are confident in their abilities.

“I’m most nervous about messing everything up for the team because the stereotype as a freshman making varsity is a big deal and nerve racking,” Ayro said.

The volleyball team has a lot of experienced players, Ayro and Dean have played for three years and have a lot to bring to the team.

“I’ve been playing volleyball for two to three years now, and I’ve never had a team like ours now. I never thought I would’ve made varsity, and I really appreciate the team I am on,” Dean said.

Ayro never thought that volleyball would become one of her main sports. After playing for a few years she is a key player for the woodmen.

“I’ve been playing volleyball for three years. I didn’t think I’d ever make varsity because when I started it was never really a serious sport for me; it was just another sport.

Ayro said.

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