Metal Detectors

With the rise in school shootings and vaping use, the school must respond with an increase in safety precautions which includes four new metal detector wands and a new school entrance.

The metal detectors — provided free to the school — should cause vaping at school to decrease. Each school received one metal detector for every 250 students.

“With these new metal detectors, we can detect any vape or weapons brought to school. This will help keep the students and the school safe,”Assistant Principal Craig Bruns said. “We have the detector wands so we can bring them to the kids immediately.”

Administrators know it is difficult for students to learn if they feel unsafe on school grounds.

“All we want is for all the students and staff to become successful,” Principal Todd Garrison said. “All we need to search somebody is reasonable suspicion, and we can search their property and use the metal detectors.”

The administration took more precaution and remodeled the school’s main entrance over the summer. Now, visitors must pass through the office rather than a general door to enter the building.

“The entrance helps us see everyone come into the school Now that we have the door that leads to the office, it eliminates all the ways people get into school unseen,” Mr. Garrison said.

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