How to be a VSCO girl

VSCO is more than just a social media app; it is a lifestyle.

Many teenage girls have VSCO accounts, full of aesthetically pleasing photos and DSCOs (VSCO’s version of an Instagram boomerang). Through her account, a user displays her self-expression and emotions as well as all the fun parts of her life. It is a healthy and welcoming platform for people of all ages, and it is leading popular culture trends. Many teens are referring to themselves as “VSCO girls.”

There are many typical styles for VSCO girls. On lazy days, VSCO girls wear oversized t-shirts and running shorts. For a daily style, VSCO girls usually wear ripped mom jeans with tight crop tops. Jean skirts and flowy floral shirts are also popular, and dresses are usually loose and fun.

VSCO girls wear comfortable footwear. They would probably wear Birkenstock sandals, Chacos, Vans or white Crocs on a normal day. Of course, the Crocs have plenty of cute and coordinating Jibbitz. Birkenstocks can be super expensive, but on Amazon.com, there are knockoff Birkenstocks for around $15 that look the exact same.

Accessories are usually very simplistic. Necklaces worn by VSCO girls are one strand with a single pendant, charm or pearl on it. There is also the exception of shell necklaces found on multiple VSCO girls. VSCO girls wear word bracelets with pony beads and friendship bracelets. Some also have Apple Watches. Many VSCO girls have plenty of scrunchies, and they also wear thick headbands.

One of the main items in a VSCO girl’s arsenal is a Hydro Flask, personally styled by the VSCO girl with cute, coordinating stickers. Hydro Flasks can be expensive, but once again, there are plenty of knockoff versions that are affordable and have the same effect. Attached to the Hydro Flasks are half-made friendship bracelets.

If a Hydro Flask is not in sight, an iced coffee with a reusable straw is in a VSCO girl’s hand. Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, or iced coffee from a local coffee shop are a girl’s go to.

Usually on a VSCO girl’s feed are republished cute and emotional text posts. Their VSCO collections display their array of feelings and sayings they personally relate to or think are beautiful. If someone wants to know more about a VSCO girl, he should check her VSCO collection.

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