Competition cheer team making history

Hit, hit, pull! These were the thoughts going through the minds of the Greenwood High School’s competition cheerleaders as they competed at the State Fair competition.

The competition cheer team won first place, and the girls were shocked and excited that their hard work from the summer paid off.

“Our first competition went better than we expected. We definitely went out there with positive attitudes, and our positive attitudes led to a positive outcome,” senior McKenna Weidner said. 

Not only did the cheerleaders feel accomplished for winning the competition but also for making school history. The last time the competition cheer team won first at the State Fair was 1977, 42 years ago.

“Overall, we were really excited and proud to represent our school and the cheer team,” Weidner said.

There is plenty of time left in the season for the team to add new skills to their routine.

“My stunt group will probably add back our full up to extension and we might add a switch up,” freshman Macy Cohoon said. “Our team is different this year than in the past because we are more one cohesive team that works well together instead of feeling separate.”

The team’s next competition is Oct. 5 at Pendleton Heights. Although the team already won first, they are excited to have some time to improve some specific skills.

“We are going to make our stunt sequence more elite by adding a full up to a lib and a low to high lib, meaning I would go from my good to bad leg in a lib” senior Mallory Watson said.

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