Boys tennis season begins

The boys tennis season has just begun, and this season is expected to be a good one.

“For me personally, I am kind of OCD with staying organized with the team. From kid to kid, they had put in a lot of work over the off-season. I think we are pretty prepared going into the season,” said tennis coach Jeremy Runge.

The team is expected to have a good year this year, with only the loss of only two seniors to graduation.

“This year we only lost two seniors, so I am expecting a pretty good year. I think that with conference, I would not be surprised if we come out with a first or second place. The team has put in the work, now we just need to go preform,” Coach Runge said.

The coach worked with the boys during the summer, and his practices are not easy. He works them hard to better themselves for the future.

“The biggest thing for our kids, and most especially our underclassmen, is getting used to running. Our biggest stress is that the kids can run, and that is not an easy thing to get used too. I would say that is the hardest part for the boys, is just getting used to how much running we do,” Coach Runge said.

The ability to hop back into the swing of tennis training can be tough. When season hits, it’s a time of conditioning and working to get better.

“It’s always very hard to get back into the season. Conditioning is something I struggle to get back into the normal of how much we run. My endurance kills me when we run, but you get used to it at the end of season,” junior Thomas Burt said.

Sectionals and County are on top of the teams mind. The County and Sectionals tournaments are rough to win.

“The thing with county and sectionals is that we have Center Grove in ours. The last two years we always are right with Center Grove. We have been really close to them in our matches more or less this year I think it will be very close with them,” said Runge.

This year a big thing for the team is not only to win, but to also just to have a good time. The practices are hard, but the players still have fun. Some practices are grueling, while others they play games.

“My favorite part of tennis is when we go to Dennys. We only go on our Saturday matches and it’s a really fun thing the team does. It’s a fun little tradition that we do. It also is a great way the team bonds,” sophomore Aidan Luttrell said

The boys team has a three way meet against Plainfield and Whiteland at Plainfield tomorrow starting at 9 a.m.

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