Students acquire jobs

“Next!” junior Jared Ott who works at Crew Carwash says telling the next car to pull up, he asks the driver what kind of cleaning package she would like and then writes it down on her window along with a picture of a cat. He then gives the car a quick spray down of soapy water before it advances to the next station, he has been doing this for the last four hours in the hot grueling sun.

Ott has learned skills that will help him out further down his career path.

“I probably won’t use my skill of washing cars later in my life, but I have been able to learn communication and people skills through team meetings and interactions,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what job I have now as a high schooler as long as I am able to pull skills through the job that will help me down the road.”

Retail is another good job for those wanting to gain experience.

“Retail is especially good for high schoolers. If you like fashion or electronics, wherever you work you can get a discount, you get money for working, and the skills that go along with retail are really good in almost every other field,” junior Colden Davis who works at Polo Ralph Lauren said. “I’ve learned patience with people, better communication skills, and time management which not only helps me down the road but makes me a better student.”

Ott is also excited about being able to save money for the future.

“Working at Crew Carwash I make 10 bucks an hour and I work on average about 30 hours a week so it’s decent money considering it’s my first job. I’m lucky enough to be making more than minimum wage, especially considering I’m still in high school,” Ott said. “However, instead of spending my money, I’ve been saving up for my first car, and it’s overall just a really neat feeling to save a bunch of money because when you look at how much you’ve saved, it shows your hard work and determination paying off.”

Fast food is a good field to start in as it requires almost no previous experience.

“I would recommend working in the fast food industry to other high schoolers because you have opportunities to meet new people and get a sense of what working a more experienced job in the future would feel like,” sophomore Anderson Sluder who works at Chick-fil-A said, “Working helps me personally grow as it teaches me responsibility and helps with time management.”

Davis plans on staying at Polo Ralph Lauren for awhile.

“Right now, I only work on the weekends or when we are not in school, but as I graduate high school next year and go to college, I will have more free time so I plan on working more,” he said. “It is a good steady income for now since I don’t really pay for anything, but considering the base pay is $10.30 and I will only receive more and more benefits the longer I work there, I should be good at least until I graduate college.”



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