New teachers start their first year

GHS is excited to introduce many new teachers to their staff this year. Mr. Deal, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Cannaday, Mrs. Ludeman, Mr. Fischer, Mr. Werne, and Mrs. Aragon have all joined the GHS staff and are excited to start.

Last year, Mr. Mason Deal was a student teacher for Mrs. Andrea Campbell, but has taken the role as a new biology teacher. He graduated from Franklin College and also Grand Canyon University.

“I wanted to start teaching because of my academic advisor, Doctor O’Neal. He made Biology activities fun, and I could relate to him well. He made me want to help kids out because he helped me. It is kind of cliché, but I love teaching at Greenwood because of the community. I love the small family feel of it and it, is very welcoming. I started teaching because I want to get kids engaged in learning, involved with the curriculum, and stay paying attention,” He said.

Mrs. Iana Allen formally taught at Southport, and became a teacher to show her students to challenge themselves. She has a unique story as an English teacher who did not speak English when she came to the United States.

“I have been teaching for 11 years, and I actually graduated from Greenwood High School, so I really love the community and the school settings. I love the school relationship with the students as well. When I came to the Unites States in 1996, I did not speak English. So if something is challenging, I want to go after it. I really want to make a difference in my classroom and have my students understand that if there is a challenge, they can go after it. I want my classroom to be student-led, so they are comfortable to share their ideas and take charge in their learning,” She said.

Mrs. Sara Cannaday has started her first year teaching at greenwood.

“This is my very first ever year teaching. I really wanted to help people so that’s why I became a teacher. I didn’t know if I wanted to be in the medical field, a nonprofit, or education, but I knew I wanted to help people. I love learning from the students because sometimes they have an idea and I am like ‘wow that was a really good idea.’ Overall, the environment and the welcoming feel from Greenwood is the best,” Mrs. Cannaday said

Ball State graduate Mrs. Sheri Ludeman has started her first year as a GHS’s new special education teacher.

“This is my first year teaching at Greenwood, but I have been teaching for 18 years. My favorite part about teaching is the kids. You guys are very polite and fun to work with. Before here, I taught elementary school at Indianapolis public schools. I wanted to become a teacher so I could have the ability to work with kids as a special education teacher and be an advocate for kids who can’t advocate for themselves. I love being with kids and watching kids learns and seeing their success,” She said.

Mr. Derek Fischer has started his first year teaching. He is the new FACS teacher, and a former marine.

“This is my first teaching job, so I’ve only been teaching since the start of school. I love the staff and students here. They are super excited to hear me talk and I’m excited to teach them. I love talking about nutrition, and there is a lot of misinformation that I hope to address. I love the students and interacting with them,” He said.

Band is a major activity at Greenwood. The marching woodmen and Irish guard have done outstanding in previous competitions. Mr. Ben Werne has taking place as the new band director with high expectations.

“I am very excited about coming to Greenwood. The marching Woodmen and Irish guard won the State championship in Class B which is about as good as you can get. The staff is incredible hear. It is difficult coming into a program as big and successful, being the new guy. I started teaching in Edinburg, and then came from Paoli high school where I was a band assistant for 5 years. I had awesome teachers that changed my life. They had a positive influence and taught me that being good at an instrument was cool,” He said.

Mrs. Angela Aragon started her first year teaching Spanish at GHS. She has previously taught at many different schools throughout Indiana.

“I have been teaching for 8 years. I’ve taught at IUPUI, Whiteland, Daleville, and recently the Excel center. I love the students, they are very inquisitive and hardworking, and also my English learners that I get to work with are super fun. I worked in an office for a year after college and was processing money, but I didn’t really like what I was doing and it was the same thing every day. I also wanted to help people, so I became a teacher because I thought that would be a great way to help,” she said.



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