Dora Movie Review

Dora: and the Lost City of Gold is a movie that brought everything from the TV show come to life in a realistic form.

The plot of the film was pretty traditional and predictable, but it did have funny moments. It started out with any other adventure movie with a problem at the beginning or an inciting incident. It overall was a pretty basic plot line; at times it would grab the viewer’s attention. It still provided some twists and turns that made it a little more interesting. Music was also a big part of the plot that basically explained some of the scenes with musical queues.

The animations during Dora were impressive, the movie came to life and was more like a realistic version of the TV show. Each character in the movie seemed so real without cheesiness or fakeness. Random animations appeared that made it like the TV show and brought some nostalgia to the film.

The plot was different than the TV shows. However, it does follow the story with characters mostly. They included the basic characters: Dora, Diego, Boots, Swiper, and Dora’s parents. They also include some new characters to bring in some drama with the group and even some romance.

Overall, the movie was aimed at kids, but could be for all ages. It had some musical queues, intense moments, but also some funny scenes for everyone to enjoy

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