Cross country runs into a new season

Over the river and through the woods and hills and more woods and more hills and another river…

The cross country team takes on the Plainfield Relay Meet tomorrow at Swinford Park. More than 10 nearby-schools will compete to take home a win.

“The Plainfield Relay Meet is unusual because it is unlike any other meet we will have the rest of the year,” Coach Blaine Williams said. “They run in pairs. Each pair runs six miles total. When one person is running, their partner is resting.”

The competition will be tight, but GHS is ready. They have already spent months training and are ready to show everyone what they are made of.

“We ran a lot over the summer. We met quite a few times throughout June and July, and we went to cross country camp at the beginning of July,” Coach Williams said.

Between cross country camp, summer workouts, and practicing every day after school, the team is close. The family aspect is one of multiple reasons many of the runners are a part of the team.

“Being on the cross team is really fun, and we are like a family. There is a lot of positivity,” junior Ava Leininger said.

With new teammates, such as sophomore, Ruby Olston, sophomore, Celia Sailo, and sophomore, Ella Sigler, the team believes they are set up to have a good season full of success.

“I think we are going to do pretty good considering we have new people on the team and some people from last year on the track team have joined so I feel like they are going to improve as well,” sophomore Doga Karakus said.

Traveling is part of the fun of being on the team. Getting to go to different high school’s courses week after week plays a big part in how close the team is.

“My favorite part of being on the cross country team is getting to travel to different courses. I really look forward to meets at Franklin because their course is very nice. When we get there we get into a running mode, set up camp, and get warming up. I usually get my best times at Franklin,” sophomore CJ Meyer said.

While every runner has a favorite course, the Franklin High School course seems to be the front runner. This is also the course where Sectionals takes place, making it an ideal meet to run fast.

“I am looking forward to the meet at Franklin because we run it every year and I really like the course. I like how we run in the woods for a little bit on the course. It gives you time to get out of the heat and get your mentality back on track,” said sophomore Selena Piñon.


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