Cardi B cancels concert after bomb threat

Cardi’s concert may be cancelled, but the aftermath still remains.

Cardi B cancelled her much-awaited Indianapolis concert, which was scheduled to take place at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The concert was cancelled due to a bomb threat, but the details of that have not been revealed. Fans are split on whether or not they should have gone through with the concert, as some believe they could have been protected through extra security measures.

“Celebrities are real people, and it makes sense why she wanted to cancel. She doesn’t owe us an explanation. It just matters that her and her fans are safe. People should be grateful that Cardi didn’t carry on and let anyone get hurt,” Sophomore Asia Loney, who was planning on attending, said.

The emotional reactions of fans became somewhat intense. Because it was cancelled only 20 minutes before she was scheduled to go on, everyone’s night had already been planned. The scene at the venue was also intense at the sudden end to the night.

“This girl dropped to the floor and just started sobbing. I started laughing because it seemed so dramatic. Obviously, I was disappointed, but it was kind of intense,” Sophomore Emma Duffey, who had bought tickets, said.

The concert has been rescheduled to Sept 11, and anyone who can not make it is able to sell their tickets or get a refund. Of course, people are still bitter towards the first cancellation, and may not want to go. There are also those who took time off of work, or even drove in from another state. In addition, there is a safety threat. The first bomb threat means that concert security will be even higher than usual at the rescheduled show, and not everyone will feel safe going.

“I want to go, but I don’t have anyone to go with now, since Emma and most of my other friends are busy that day. I still like Cardi, but I’m kind of bitter. It’s definitely inconvenient for everyone involved,” Estell said.

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