Burgerhaus earns rave review

When a restaurant claims to have the best burger in the state of Indiana, they better be ready to back it up.

I recently went to the Indiana burger chain, Burgerhaus, with four locations across the state, they claim to take the classic American burger and give it an international twist. When I took my first look at the menu, I could tell this would be a unique experience; their menu features a wide variety of burgers that feature unique toppings from sushi to fried eggs with several kinds of cheese I have never heard of before. From salads to wraps to burgers to tacos, everything had a unique name that gave the food distinction commonly rare in most affordable restaurants.

The restaurant is located on the canal so finding a parking spot was super weird; GPS took me to a parking garage and apartment area where I had to pay to park, so after paying my $1.50 for an hour and a half, I had to walk about a quarter of a mile to get to the restaurant.

With my root beer in hand, I decided to go with a classic bacon cheeseburger while my friend, junior Jared Ott, went with the Aussie Burger, a combo of bacon, smoked gouda cheese, a fried egg, mayo, lettuce, tomato and a patty cooked medium well.

The theme of the restaurant was cozy and felt like I was at home. The bathrooms were clean, and the staff were all very nice. The only problem that we had was that all of the wait staff was up by the bar area talking and would only come by to check on us about every 20 minutes or so which would be reasonable if they were packed, but we were the only ones in the seating area while about four other patrons sat at the bar. That was it. The wait was worth it.

After waiting almost 45 minutes, our waitress came out with two rectangle plates in hand and set them down in front us. In front of me was a nice basket of fries that looked crispy and a thick juicy burger with a decent amount of bacon and cheese. First, I tried the fries. These were some of the best french fries that I have ever had. They had just the right amount of crunch and were seasoned perfectly. Then, the time had come to try the burger. Considering the 45 minute wait, I expected it to be nothing short of perfect, and it was exactly that. What I got was a perfectly cooked medium well burger that combined with the smoked applewood bacon and cheddar cheese. It was quite possibly one of the best burgers I had ever eaten to go perfect with the near perfectly french fries.

Jared started to dig into his burger, and his opinion did not differ from mine.

“It was a really unique burger, especially with the fried egg and whole wheat bun. I did not know what to really expect going in, but after trying it, I knew it was worth every minute of the wait,” he said. “The burger was cooked perfectly, and all the unique textures and taste mixed perfectly together to create a burger that was near perfect.”

However, perfection has a cost. Every burger on the menu cost upwards of $13 or $14, but for the price of the burger is definitely worth it. They also have a create-your-own option.

Burgerhaus definitely deserves the right to say they have the best burgers in the state of Indiana. There are some flaws in their system from wait times that are unreasonably long, and if the wait staff can do a little better, Burgerhaus is definitely going to become a common dine-in spot for me and my friends.

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